4/19 Transforming thoughts to movement offers new hope for spinal cord injury patients

3/19 Abhishek receives the Johnson A Edosomwan Outstanding Publication and Researcher of the Year awards from the College of Engineering. 

1/19 Congrats to Cassie for the paper published in Biomaterials.


11/18 The lab presented multiple posters at the Annual Society of Neuroscience meeting in San Diego. 

8/18 Congratulations to Shubham and rest of the team for the paper accepted for publication. 

7/18 Congratulations to Shubham for passing his Phd defense. 

6/18 Noeline and Abhishek attended and presented posters at the Neural Interfaces Conference in Minnesota. 

5/18 Congratulations to Ziqian for passing his Phd defense. 

4/18 Abhishek gave a talk at the second Annual Neural 
Engineering Symposium at the University of Miami.

4/18 Abhishek gave a talk titled “Blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption in intracortical silicon micro electrode implants” at the Gordon Research Conference on Neuroelectronic Interfaces at Galveston, TX.

4/18 Congratulations to Santi and Katie for their paper accepted in Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express titled “EEG-controlled functional electrical stimulation for hand opening and closing in chronic complete cervical spinal cord injury“.

3/18 Our undergrads presented posters at the UM’s Research, Creativity, and Innovation Forum (RCIF) and won 2 of the top 3 Best Poster Awards. Congrats to Bryan (1st place) and Sebastian (2nd place) for the Poster Awards.

2/18 Congratulations to Cassie for getting her first paper accepted in Biomaterials titled “Blood-brain barrier (BBB)-disruption in intracortical silicon micro electrode implants”

2/18 The lab welcomes Anabel who started as a Research Associate

1/18 Congrats to Shubham for completing his Phd proposal


12/17 Congrats to Ziqian for his paper accepted in the Journal of Neural Engineering

12/17 Congrats to Santi for defending his Masters in Biomedical Engineering

11/17 Cassie, Noeline, Raja, and Shubham presented their posters at the Annual Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Conference in Washington, DC

8/17 The lab welcomes Michelle Nguyen who started as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist.

7/17 Noeline presented a poster at the Progress in Motor Control (PMC XI) Conference in Miami

5/17 The lab was featured in the UM College of Engineering News

5/17 Congratulations to Brandon for graduating and getting accepted into the UF PhD program

4/17 Congrats to Noeline for a paper accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods

4/17 Abhishek invited to present research update at the UM BioNIUM monthly seminar series

2/17 Congrats to Noeline for a paper accepted in the Journal of Neural Engineering


10/16 Neural Interfaces lab presented multiple posters at the Neural Engineering Symposium at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Abhishek presented and co-chaired with Michael Hoffer, MD a Neurotechnology session at the symposium.

09/16 Congratulations to Shubham for receiving the Award for Best Impact Research in the BME Research Day

09/16 Congratulations to Shubham and Ziqian for their abstracts selected for podium presentation at the UM BME Research Day

08/16 Bharti and Katie presented their posters in IEEE EMBC in Orlando

08/16 The lab welcomes Noeline Prins, PhD who started her Postdoc in Fall

07/16 Congratulations to Anette Pico on defending her MS thesis

06/16 The lab receives funding from Wallace H. Coulter Foundation for studying electrode failure mechanisms

05/16 Congratulations to Katie Gant for defending her PhD dissertation titled “Autonomous brain-controlled functional electrical stimulation for grasp and release in complete cervical spinal cord injury”.

05/16 The lab welcomes Cassie and Raja who began their PhD work this summer

04/16 Abhishek invited to present in the UM Department of Computer Science Seminar

04/16 Abhishek chairs and presents at the Neurotechnology session at the 13th Annual Conference of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics in Miami


12/15 Abhishek receives the 2015 Eliahu I. Jury Early Career Research Award

11/15 Katie presents a poster in SfN conference

11/15 Ziqian, Katie, and Shubham present their poster in the BMES conference in Tampa

10/15 Abhishek receives the 2015 New Innovator Award from NIH

09/15 The lab welcomes Bharti Sharma, PhD who started her Postdoc in Fall

05/15 Congratulations to Noeline Prins on defending her PhD dissertation titled “Synchronous control of a reinforcement learning based brain-machine interface with biological feedback”.

03/15 Abhishek invited to present in the UM Department of Physiology and Biophysics Seminar

03/15 Congratulations to Remy and Giovanni for winning the Best Poster Award in the UM RCIF

03/15 Abhishek receives the Discovery Award from Department of Defense

01/15 Additional funding received on the project “Autonomous brain controlled functional electrical stimulation for reach and grasp in chronic cervical spinal cord injury” from Advanced Brain Monitoring.